glass workshop, 2018

at Weißensee Kunsthochschule, Berlin

During the student exchange program in Berlin, I participated in a glass workshop accompanied by the glass blowing master Peter Kuchinke. During the workshop, we experimented with designing glass containers for the industry and manually glass blowing methods. The workshop took place at the Buda Glass Factory, Sweden and included the whole process of creating the models, preparing the molds and blowing the glass.

What will happen to the interaction around the dining table if everything will move? How does the tableware affect the interaction between those who sit around the table?

OURS is projected that suggest an intervention in the situation around the dining table. The idea was to insert a sleight of humor and playful atmosphere that can affect the interaction and connection between people around the table.



The starting point for this project was the connection between different materials and different technologies. A fragile gentle object combined with a flexible plastic part. Porcelain table setting is connected to a bouncing 3d printed part. The contrast between this two materials adds some tension to the action of moving this object and to the movement itself. The printed part is built from three different range of flexibility that gives it the ability to move and stay stable at the same time. A weight in the bottom of the object allows the object the dance and bounds without the danger of falling.