Jewelry barand, 2019

for Luminous Diamonds


Limited edition capsule stone box and fluorescent diamond ring design for LUCY jewelry brand. A Jewel is not another seasonal consumer product, it is the kind of thing that stays with its owner and passes from generation to generation. The ring has always had emotional and symbolic value. It is an object of love, of contact, history, and roots. Inspired by elusive beauty, infused with incandescent charm like an enchanting hidden treasure LUCY jewels grow from nature beauty and futuristic, man-made flow referring to the natural resources. Today, in an age where there are endless counterfeits and inexpensive substitutes for quality materials, there is a longing for natural materials for the quality, warmth, and softness that they hold.


LUCY contains a diamond ring and a sculptural limited-edition capsule box with a futuristic UV flow made of rosa Portugal stone and cooper. The ring is set with a high caliber fluorescent diamond that is natural and pure at the core. the fluorescent glow is invisible to the naked eye the enigmatic essence is revealed by the soft ray of UV light. When opened, the top of the capsule box is to be flipped and placed on the base which then turns on the UV ray onto the diamond to indicate that the diamond is real. The box together with the natural diamond ring becomes a  functional and valuable sculptural product.

 LUCY diamond ring is committed to transparency.

Each stone is ethically sourced and 100% conflict-free and contains.

Art direction and branding by Goldberg Cohen studio and Maya Agam, Photos by Ran Golani.